Best Gaming Mouse Under $30 in 2021

Best-gaming-mouse-under-$30Gamers are always conscious of the quality of the gaming mouse they have. They would love to have the best gaming mouse producing the best results creating a winning situation for them.

Finding a gaming mouse providing the ultimate performance at a good price range is not so difficult you can have it in as affordable price tags as $30. Surprised? Well, it’s not impossible because out in the market most manufacturers don’t want to lose their customers and the bargain hunters are their potential target. So these manufacturers tend to provide us with different affordable options from time to time.

Similarly, some brands do offer the best gaming mouse under $30 with high precession and accuracy along with speedy performance to make your gaming even better. The gaming market has advanced so have the options available even the one that feels the best would have the alternatives; this made the selection of the best mouse almost impossible.

You need not worry; this article has been created to sort out the solution to your problem. It will help you to choose the mouse that fits your hand, give the accurate amount of response and sensitivity promising to enhance your gaming capabilities and productivity.

Down below is provided a list of some economically feasible best gaming mouse along with the pros and cons of each one. All of the mouse mentioned are designed by well-known brands and offers the best quality possible, there is a buying guide at the end so that you can exactly know the kind of product you want for yourself.

Let’s begin with the journey:

The list of Best gaming mouse under $30

#1. PICTEKGaming Mouse Wired| Highly accurate:

PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired
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  • DPI level: 7200 DPI
  • Programmable Breathing Light
  • Design: Ergonomic
  • Interface: USB
  • backlights: professional Light
  • 6 Buttons
  • compatibility: Windows 7/8Buttons
  • Connection: wired
  • Sensor: wired
  • Weight: 4.8 ounce
  • Dimensions: 84 x 2.83 x 1.29 inches
 Product Description: 

If your requirements are based on the details that how much sensitivity and user-friendly designs a mouse has to offer then the PICTEK wired Gaming Mouse will be recommended first. It is not only sensitive but wireless as well along with ergonomic designs, and a longer lifespan.

The DPI it has to offer is as high as 7,200 DPI so that your cursor will move a bit faster than usual for an immense response. A nice feature is the buttons to customize the DPI levels to higher or lower levels. Not only these settings and navigations also very easy with nine buttons among which seven can be programmed buttons for recording macros.

These adjustment buttons are present near the mouse buttons for easy access so that you can instantly adjust the DPI to slower levels while gaming, whenever required. The DPI settings can be changed up to five different levels, including 1200/2400/3500/5500/7200 DPI.

It is a highly accurate mouse offering high response and zero lags also it ensures a faster and accurate movement with various polling rates such as 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz.

It offers aesthetic cool gamers looks with RGB black-lights and ergonomic designs. The customizable chroma RGB lighting lets you choose from millions of color combinations that can be fully customized according to your preference. You can have a breathing effect or solid backlighting for your mouse as well. There is a switch on the bottom of the mouse that can be used to switch the backlighting ON or OFF.

The streamlined body is textured for a comfortable grip. The durable switches of the mouse offer a lifespan of up to 30 million clicks offering enhanced durability for a longer play. The size of the mouse is very appropriate to fit comfortably large hands thus it is convenient to say that this mouse is perfect for people with large hands.

It is compatible with various operating systems but unfortunately, this mouse lacks Mac OS compatibility. Though, it supports other systems like Linux, Windows 7, 8, and 10 too. It is considered that the PICTEK wired gaming mouse would be expensive if it offered Mac OS compatibility. Also, the customer support is reliable. For more programming and customization, it uses intuitive user-friendly PICTEK software.

This is a responsive mouse designed for FPS gaming, also it works pretty well with MOBA/ RTS games. An aesthetic gaming device with a good DPI range and enough customization is what you get in just 30 Dollars, it’s the best purchase you can have.

  • Decent performance
  • Affordable pricing
  • Aesthetically pleasing Customizable design
  • Fast-tracking
  • Programmable buttons
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Excellent optical sensor
  • The cable is not too good
  • No Mac OS compatibility
Why buy PICTEK wired gaming mouse?
This mouse is highly recommended for FPS players and casual gamers due to the quality specs it offers with pleasant RGB lightning and ergonomic designs. If you don’t have a dire need for Mac OS compatibility then you should consider PICTEK wired gaming mouse with a sensitive response and zero lags.

#2. Shenligod Wired Gaming Mouse| Wide Compatibility:

Shenligod Wired Gaming Mouse
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  • RGB Spectrum Backlit
  • USB interface
  • 3200 DPI
  • 7 Buttons
  • Movement Detection Technology Optical
  • Hardware PlatfOptical
  • Operating System: Linux, Windows 7, Mac os
  • Dimensions 4.3 x 2.9 x 1.57 inches
  • Weight 8.1 ounces
  • DPI Switch: 800/1600/2400/3200
 Product Description: 

If you want an entry-level gaming mouse with high-end specifications at a budget rate then Shenligod Wired Gaming Mouse with 2 beautifully designed gaming mice is a perfect fit for you.

This mouse set comes with two Black and Silver gray wired Gaming Mouse packed with extraordinary gaming features giving you great control over your gaming setup and the whole experience.

The DPI can be adjusted easily up to 4 different Levels including 1200/ 1600/ 2400/ 3200 to get high accuracy and consistent responsiveness at any speed. It comes with 7 mouse buttons that can be managed by user-friendly driver software making the mouse more intelligent and meets more demands for different games.

The Shenligod Wired Gaming Mouse set has quite a sturdy build along with an ergonomic symmetrical design for a firm grip and accurate size to fit in the palm and move comfortably giving you full control over the game. The chassis construction is of ABS plastic material and metal for a durable result. It also consists of a good quality cable in the package.

With just 8.1 ounces it is pretty lightweight and slides perfectly to avoid wrist strain from movement.  Also, the mouse’s weight can be adjusted as it comes with Built-in Removable 4pcs counterweight modules.

The lighting on the mouse is pretty good with a customizable optical LED light that changes randomly while in use giving the mouse a cool multi-colored look while gaming.  The colors of the RGB lightning are vibrant while they change well giving a very versatile and cool look to your setup, you can also turn the breathing option off if you want to. The design and RGB lighting on this mouse gives cool aesthetic looks that feel good to the eyes.

It also offers Wide Compatibility with different platforms including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win7/8, 10, Mac OS systems. Contrary to the previous mouse we have reviewed this set is also compatible with Mac OS thus giving you an edge in your play. The mouse is super quiet and super smooth and you have to spend only spend 30$.

  • DPI levels are adjustable
  • Perfect for all hand types
  • You can have various breathing option
  • Sensitive sensors with a high DPI range
  • Budget price range
  • All the features are pretty basic
Why buy Shenligod Wired Gaming Mouse?
The Shenligod Wired Gaming Mouse gaming set with durable metal construction provides all the basic features for casual gamers. Most importantly you don’t have to spend enough yet you get a good quality mouse with adjustable sensitivity and easy to access buttons at your doorsteps. This is an incredible purchase for the price

#3. MARVO G961 Honeycomb Gaming Mouse|Ultra-lightweight:

MARVO G961 Honeycomb Gaming Mouse
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  • RGB Backlight
  • Macro Customization
  • Sensor: Optical Pixart 3327
  • Switch rating: 20 million clicks
  • Backlight: RGB, 6 modes
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Weight: 75g/2.65 ounces
  • Size: 125mm*64mm*43mm
  • Drag-free Soft Paracord
 Product Description: 

Out in the market for a reliable and affordable gaming partner? Go with the incredible MARVO G961.

Fantastic-looking gaming that has a honeycomb shell design with breathing RGB light glowing underneath it. It feels ultra-lightweight with only 2.6 ounces and glides like helium. It is perfect for you if you hold the mouse either in a palm grip or claws.

Thanks to the Pixart 3327 a decent optical sensor that ensures the tracking accuracy with adjustable DPI from 100 to 12000. The switch of the mouse is durable enough, this mouse can withstand a total of 20 million clicks. It is one of the fast and accurate gaming mice of its category with a Polling Rate: up to 1000 Hz.

The build is pretty aesthetic and feels quite premium with hexagonal designs back-lighted with RGB. The RGB lighting is cool and it cycles a rainbow patterned animation that looks pleasant to the eyes. It is specified with different DPI levels. The mouse allows for RGB pulses or a single solid color depending on DPI intensity.

Unfortunately, the RGB lighting is not customizable but this can be ignored for the features it offers. Though the RGB can be not changed it offers 6 different modes and can be turned off.

The ergonomics on the MARVO G961 mouse are pretty good and it is perfectly designed to ensure minimal resistance for a smooth glide along with textured side grips to avoid slipping. The Drag-free Soft Paracord along with PTFE feet ensures a wireless experience with no lags.

The gamers will appreciate the fact that the mouse itself is customized with 6 shortcut buttons to improve the flow of the game, the settings can be saved in three different profiles. The package also includes a braided sturdy 1.6m/63 inches long paracord. The mouse supports all windows systems, but unfortunately, it does not have Linux and Mac OS software available.

This is a fantastic good-looking gaming mouse ready to game right out of the box. MARVO G961 is worth the money giving an aesthetic look from your setup.

  • Anti-slip textured side grips
  • Pixart optical sensor for movement accuracy
  • RGB backlight
  • User-friendly software
  • Decent affordable gaming mouse
  • Aesthetically pleasant
  • Lightweight
  • The RGB backlight is not customizable
  • Cannot work with PS4 and Xbox without an adapter
Why buy MARVO G961?
This is a smooth mouse with wireless-like function and aesthetic build. The textured sides keep the mouse always in your grip while affordability makes it perfect for casual users. Good build quality, nice design, and features all summed up for a fraction of the cost.

#4. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse|With 7 Programmable Buttons:

Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse
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  • Optical Sensor
  • 7 Programmable Buttons
  • Rubber Side Grips
  • Wired Connection
  • 5G Optical Sensor
  • Weight 4.6 ounces
  • Dimensions 2.9 x 1.69 x 5 inches
  • Switches Razer / Omron mechanical
  • Polling rate: 1000 Hz ultra-polling
  • Acceleration Up to 450 IPS
  • Software Razer Synapse
 Product Description: 

Fast-tracking and improved performance is what you get with the Razer DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse with high precision and no lags contributing to give you an edge while gaming.  With a DPI range of 16,000 DPI for fast-tracking at 450 Inches Per Second and a 99.4 percent precision rate, this mouse is better for high-paced games.

The performance makes the move, but the ergonomic on this mouse is also pretty good. The build is durable, designs a sleek and clean matte finish.  The 7 programmable buttons are hyper-responsive and positioned perfectly for right-handed users and the size is perfect for all types of gaming hands. The mouse comes with a 7 ft long durable braided chord rather than rubber or plastic.

It has the two zoned Chroma RGB Lighting that gives an attractive glowy touch to your system and can be customized to match your other gaming peripherals. There’s a big logo that glows bright neon green when the mouse is operating.  The brightness levels of the mouse can also be adjusted to lower or higher levels.

A 1000 Hertz Ultra polling rate on this mouse makes it faster and more accurate than other ordinary mousse coming at the same price. Moreover, due to the Durable Mechanical Switches, it has a lifespan of 50 million clicks that is more than enough for a gaming mouse in this category.

DPI can be adjusted according to the game settings with 2 easy to push buttons right behind the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel is durable and has notches to avoid accidental scrolling. The grips on the mouse avoid slipping giving you full control over the mouse. Razer DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse is best for you if you have slightly bigger hands. Due to the higher DPI, it is one of the choices of pro-video players that take part in the tournament.

  • Attractive, ergonomic design
  • Super comfortable build
  • Accurate and reliable sensor
  • Responsive programmable buttons
  • Customizable lighting
  • Budget Price
  • The software requires registration
  • Not for people with small hands
Why buy Razer DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse?
This is a highly responsive mouse with fast-tracking and ergonomic designs. It has a sensitive sensor that supports a DPI range of 16,000 DPI for high-paced gaming. Razer DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse is suitable for people with relatively larger hands but it offers universality almost for all hand sizes and grips. This is the best partner for your gaming sessions.

#5. Logitech G203 Prodigy|Advanced button tensioning:

Logitech G203 Prodigy
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  • Interface USB Wired
  • Hand Orientation Right-Handed
  • Sensor: Logitech “Gaming-Grade Sensor
  • Sensor Maximum Resolution 8000 dpi
  • Weight 2.86 ounces
  • Orientation Ambidextrous
  • Max. Acceleration: 25 G
  • Max. Speed >200 IPS
  • System Requirements Windows 7 or later, macOS, Chrome OSTM
 Product Description: 

If you need a small and affordable gaming mouse for mainstream and competitive gaming then you should look no further than Logitech G203 Prodigy which is a reliable RGB Wired Gaming Mouse.

The sensor of this mouse is just fine with 8,000 DPI offering enough precision to handle mainstream gaming at relatively a low price point.  The low click latency and the DPI range make it a better choice both for work and play. It also operates s with Well-designed software for customization settings, the G HUB software that has quite a user-friendly system.

The amazing building of this mouse along with decent buttons is perfect for users with small hands. It is very well built with a classic design and a streamlined body for a comfortable grip, this feels good when holding in the fingertip. Due to its small size and lightweight this gaming mouse is good for fingertip gripping style, but if you use palm or claw gripping style and have large hands then this mouse might not be the one for you.

The RGB lighting on this mouse is good with two zones one on the big logo and the other RGB rim around the back of the mouse, both glowing with bright colors. You can choose from the16 million colors that it offers. Moreover, it allows you to create Macros and readily store them on your system. It offers the goodness that is enough to make your gaming get better day by day. Although this mouse has a small stature; it is very simple and easy to use.

This mouse has is a good amount of programmable buttons and is highly customizable along with these 6 buttons. Most gamers pay close attention to the scroll button: the scroll wheel is sturdy with a good response. The Logitech G203 Prodigy gaming mouse provides you the best performance in every type of game you play.

  • Decent build and affordable price
  • Low latency and Excellent performance
  • Very Solid sensor and core button quality
  • Very accurate with 3-zone RGB lighting
  • Lightweight with Aesthetic designs
  • Only suitable for small and medium hands
  • Lacks braided cable
Why buy Logitech G203 Prodigy?
It features good quality specs, a high response rate, and a comfortable build than standard mice coming at this price point, though you can find something with better quality and precision but only if you are willing to spend a few more bucks. This mousse is perfect for people with fingertip gripping style but if you have quite larger hands than usual or a palm grip then we would suggest looking for something else.

#6. Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse|HIGH-END PC GAMING MOUSE:

Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse
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  • Sensor Laser
  • Connection Wired Max DPI 16,400
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Programmable Buttons18
  • 12000 FPS
  • High-Precision Sensor
  • Micro switch
  • weight 2.4g x8
  • 7 Mouse Buttons and 12 MMO programmable buttons
  • Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, 7 etc
 Product Description: 

We have brought another budget-friendly option designed by the famous high-end hardware company the M901 which is ready to amaze you for the price. It’s stylish, sturdy, and unbeatable as an MMO-style mouse The Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse is indeed the best laser mouse you can find in the budget range.

The first thing that you’re going to notice is the 18 programmable buttons along with an incredible 12400 DPI with a high precession rate promising to knock you off your feet. The DPI can be adjusted according to your play settings to 1000, 2000, 4000, 8200, and 16400. It also offers a standard polling rate of 1000 Hz for a better and speedy response allowing you to aim perfectly.

The RGB lighting looks fantastic and can be adjusted along with the brightness level. The logo is also backlit with bright colors, the breathing speed controls are used to control the speed of the logo backlight pulsating.

The laser sensors are really sensitive and accurate for amazing accuracy and superb tracking but need a smooth, hard mouse pad it comes with otherwise it can be a bit frustrating. To solve this issue there are also TEFLON feet pads present beneath the mouse that feels good while using.

The mouse gives a traditional aggressive gaming look with black and red dominant over the surface. The ergonomics of this mouse are pretty amazing from a comfortable gaming grip to the durable build consisting of a molded plastic that feels good to hold.

The Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse is a lightweight model that weighs just over 5 ounces and can be tuned as well. The 8 pieces weigh 2.4g each allows you to change the weight according to your comfort level.

One of the most amazing features of the mouse is the high compatibility with various platforms. The keys give decent tactile feedback with 6 positioned across the body and 12 programmable keys organized on the side in a typical keypad-style layout.

The presence of these 12 programmable keys makes this mouse is best suited for you want to play if you play an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) and other games like the Age of Empires or WOW that benefit from numerous accessible key bindings. The positioning choice of these extra buttons is exactly where it needs to be making sure for you to ake competition down. The wire is finished with good quality USB with standard gold plated connectors.

  • customizable buttons,
  • a professional-grade sensor,
  • adjustable weight
  • Highly affordable price tag
  • Incredible Value
  • 18 fully different buttons for high functionality
  • A lack of RGB customizability
Why buy Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse?
The M901 Wired Gaming Mouse is equipped with a food amount of buttons, good quality sensor, and much more. With an ergonomic body and quality, this mouse is mouse will surely provide good performance. you will enjoy a long gaming session with this mouse for sure!

#7. SteelSeries Rival 110 Gaming Mouse|Lightweight Design:

SteelSeries Rival 110 Gaming Mouse
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  • DPI: 7,200
  • Sensor: TrueMove1 Optical
  • Prism RGB LiOptical
  • Buttons: Six
  • Resolution: 100 – 7200 DPI
  • Polling Rate: 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000 Hz
  • Connection: Wired
  • Weight: 90g
  • Dimensions: 120 mm x 68 mm x 38 mm
  • Hand orientation: Semi Ambidextroumm
  • Buttons: Omron Switches
  • 30 million click lifespan
 Product Description: 

Your gaming setup is incomplete without SteelSeries Rival 110 Gaming Mouse which is a simple, basic mouse with good quality hardware for the price. With just 87.5g this mouse is one of the lightweight gaming mice of this category.

It is equipped with a high-end sensor offering an adjustable DPI of 7200 and with an IIPS of 240, built for high-accuracy tracking. It has a high DPI sensitivity; that makes it a perfect choice for almost all sort of games.

The aesthetic of this mouse is quite premium with beautiful RGB prism lighting that allows you to choose from 16.8 million colors according to your preference. There is a logo and a scroll wheel with RGB lightning which helps the mouse blend with any gaming PC setup.  The lightning can be customized with the software that allows for RGB pulsing or single color solid or pulsing depending on the DPI setting. The Omron switches that it is equipped with boast a life span of 30 million clicks.

The SteelSeries Rival 110 Gaming Mouse features 6 buttons that feel solid and have good spacing along with a clickable scroll wheel and a solid DPI settings button. The mouse’s shell consists of a black top piece, charcoal gray buttons, and a scroll wheel with glossy black side grips textured for a firm grasp during the play. Though the streamlined build of the mouse makes it is perfect for all hand types there’s a slight hump that is a better option for a claw grip holding style.

It has a light plastic cable which is 2m long and finished with standard USB 2.0. It has wide compatibility as its operating system is windows, mac, and Linux. This is the Best gaming mouse under the budget of 30 dollars that is responsive with high DPI for better sensitivity, adjustable acceleration, better grip, and good button functionality at just 30 dollars.

  • Lightweight design
  • Longer life span
  • Great Optical Sensor
  • Ergonomic Comfortable Design
  • Great sensitivity and response time
  • Accurate tracking
  • Great value for the price
  • DPI could be a little better
  • Limited customization options
Why buy SteelSeries Rival 110 Gaming Mouse?
This is an accurate, easy-to-set-up, and sensitive mouse that delivers the essentials for gamers looking for a solid mouse with a wide DPI range and comfortable designs, the SteelSeries Rival 110 Gaming Mouse deserves all the praise it has received and for this price.

#8. CORSAIR HARPOON gaming mouse|High-accuracy:

CORSAIR HARPOON gaming mouse
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  • Style: Wired
  • Connectivity Technology USB
  • Movement Detection Technology Optical
  • Orientation Ambidextrous
  • Dimensions 4.4 x 2.7 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight 3.20 ounces
 Product Description: 

So we are here to give you another bang for the buck, the CORSAIR HARPOON  wired gaming mice which is a nice and clicky mouse, perform well and can assist you in gaming and daily-compute tasks.

It is ideal for competitive mice with ergonomic designs that save you from getting injuries or wrist pain due to hours of usage. It will be perfect for you if you have relatively smaller hands with buttons positioned for a comfortable reach. It has a fire logo placed on the top where the palm rests with RGB lightning underneath; it glows with bright colors when in operation.

The build of the mouse is nice with a good plastic to build black matte finish and Rubber side grips. The rubber side grips allow a nonslip action for better grip and movement for a controlled play.

These six buttons are programmable to create shortcuts to enhance your play creating a competitive situation. The sensitive optical mouse sensors also provide DPI rates going as high as 6000 DPI, moreover you can customize DPI settings as well. It is equipped with Onboard Memory to store the customized DPI settings.

One of the things you will like about this mouse is its compatibility with Xbox One that allows you to play mouse-enabled games. It is a simple plug-and-play mouse, just connect it and you are ready to game.

The mouse is a lightweight model with just 85g so it won’t fatigue your wrist and is easy to glide across the mouse pad at high speeds. This is one of the rigid, durable mice with an adequate switch life span. You can find better and more fancy mice than this one out there but not for this price, this is the best buy.

The CORSAIR HARPOON gaming mouse allows you all the features to make it personal so that you can play around and have fun with your gaming peripherals. This is the best mouse you can have for your gaming setup with pleasing professional design and high-end features.

  • Incredibly lightweight and ergonomic
  • Onboard Memory to store custom DPI settings
  • Compatible with Xbox One
  • Plug and play
  • More ergonomic and comfortable
  • Sensitive and responsive sensors
  • Not ideal for people with large hands
Why buy CORSAIR HARPOON gaming mouse?
CORSAIR HARPOON gaming mouse is a solid RGB Gaming Mouse with almost no weight and a sensitive optical sensor providing a 6,000 DPI. This mouse ensures all the basic features required by a gamer to complete your play. But if you possess slightly larger hands then look for something else as it would be difficult for you to control this one.

#9. HyperX Pulsefire Core|ergonomically-designed:

HyperX Pulsefire Core
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  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Optical Sensor Pixart 3327
  • DPI Range: 6,200
  • Buttons: 7
  • RGB Lighting Single Zone
  • Weight: 87g
  • Cable: Braided
  • Dimensions: 7 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 34 ounces
 Product Description: 

If you’re looking for Quality, Comfort, and durability in a mouse then go check the HyperX Pulsefire Core, a wired RGB gaming mouse with classic and elegant designs offering high performance for the price but remains stylish at the same time.

The responsiveness and excellent tracking of the Pixart 3327 optical sensor make it a better choice for competitive gaming. It offers native DPI settings up to 6200 DPI which is nice for gaming.

This mouse a palm grip mouse that has a brilliant ergonomic design with textured side grips to avoid slipping and asymmetrical shape for comfortable play. We recommend it for gamers due to its build and functionality. The overall built is of plastic but doesn’t feel cheap vibes with a large HyperX logo that glows a customizable RGB light.

It is suitable for the claw gripping style. Moreover, this lightweight mouse with just 87g glides smoothly on the surface with large mouse skates for a controlled experience. It offers a life span of about 20 million clicks that is a long run for gaming mice costing just a few dollars.

The build of the mouse is nice with a black matte finish and ergonomic designs. The scroll wheels feel good and the company’s logo is illuminated with RGB lighting. This is no doubt a sleek and professional-looking gaming mouse.

The RGB backlights are customizable and bright but not intrusive. The RGB can be customized as single-color solid or pulsing depending on DPI setting with HyperX NGenuity software that is intuitive and functional. The 7 buttons on the mouse are programmable for quick commands and can be adjusted using the same user-friendly software. The HyperX Pulsefire Core, wired RGB gaming mouse brings about energy to the arena creating a win-win environment. With all these features this mouse nails down the gaming world.

  • Easy and simple to use
  • User-friendly software for customization
  • Mouse skates glide well
  • Lightweight and durable build
  • Seven reprogrammable buttons
  • High precession
  • Customization is not possible without software
Why buy HyperX Pulsefire Core?
This is a solid mouse with good build quality, nice design, and features for a good price. The controlled movements and accuracy of this mouse make it a better choice for FPS games. It is difficult to beat HyperX Pulsefire Core for its comfort; responsiveness and excellent tracking make this one of the best mice you will found at this price range.

#10. Perixx MX-2000B|Laser Gaming Mouse:

Perixx MX-2000B
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  • DPI: 5000DPI
  • 11 Programmable Buttons
  • Speed: Buttons
  • Acceleration: 30G
  • Connectivity Technology: USB Movement
  • Detection Technology: Laser
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Omron Micro Switches
  • Sensor: Avago ADNSwitches
  • SystemCompatibility: Microsoft XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Dimension: 125 x 85 x 41mm
  • Weight: 281g
 Product Description: 

The last on the list though is a Laser Gaming mouse yet it is reliable and affordable with no compromise on performance. The performance level of Perixx MX-2000B is high with quality ergonomics for a mouse at this price.

One of the noticeable features of this mouse is its adjustable weight that gives the gamer a free hand to choose from less friction speedy movement or a controlled movement with weight. For adjustment, it has removable discs. This is a lightweight model with max durability.

This is a highly accurate and precise gaming mouse with 150ips and 30G surface tracking speed and 9500 Laser Sensor Precision moreover it offers maximum sensitivity with a 5600DPI   that can be adjusted settings up to different levels including 500/1000/1500/2000/3000/4000/5000 DPI using the mouse buttons.

The RGB lighting zones can also be adjusted from 24 different options available as per your preference with functional user-friendly software. There’s a DPI indicator that shows the DPI levels of the mouse, at the highest DPI the indicator lights emits strong green color. This is a solid textured and comfortable mouse.

Also, the mouse is highly customizable with 11 programmable buttons that feel solid with better positioning and give responsive clicky feedback that feels good while gaming. The tilt-scroll wheel also adds up to your playing efficiency while gaming.

The positioning of the buttons and right-handed built is pretty ergonomic ensuring minimal wrist strain. Also, the rubbery surface coat instead of hard plastic makes it non-slippery and comfortable while the side grips help you to rest your thumb allowing full control over the mouse.

The mouse comes with a 1.5-meter durable braided cable with a gold-plated USB connector that is resistant to erosion. It is Plug and Play and compatible with various platforms like Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. It gives you high precision and accuracy along with a speedy performance for high-paced gaming, the Perixx MX-2000B looks pretty good quality, durable, and makes you every pennyworth.

  • Customizable light settings
  • Adjustable weight
  • Easy customization
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Precise Sensor
  • USB wired connectivity
  • The laser technology is not liked by some users
  • The rubbery surface may wear down
Why buy Perixx MX-2000B?
This is a very good mouse with improved ergonomics, a good click button layout, and adjustable weight. It is much more comfortable with adjustable weight. Though the laser sensor can be put off for some, the Perixx MX-2000B mouse put no compromise and shows no lags.

All of the product reviewed in this article are not only affordable but features the best Design, precession, and accuracy for a win-win situation.

Here are some most frequently asked questions regarding the best gaming mouse present out there in the market.

What mouse do most pro gamers use?

All mice are not the same they differ in build quality, gripping styles, speed, and ergonomic. It is recommended to use a mouse that suits your need and gaming style. Pro gamers prefer a powerful mouse with convenient control and easy glide. A lighter, more straightforward mouse with only a few buttons and a comfortable grip is said to be the best one. The best mouse for you is the one that matches your comfortability level and style at once.

Why do I need a gaming mouse?

The special gaming style with high DPI for better sensitivity, adjustable acceleration, better grip, and good button functionality gives a gaming mouse an edge over the casual mouse. Gaming mice are responsive and hardly miss an aim even in high-paced gaming.

How a gaming mouse is selected?

Gaming mice are considered for their build quality, button functionality, grip, and shape. They’re selected based on their tracking performance, jitter, angle snapping, and control speed and effects. There are apps like mouse tester available that analyze the functionality of a mouse to spot glaring issues, angle snapping, and acceleration. Whilst testing the sensors it is made sure that the mouse doesn’t come with unwanted mouse movement.

Optical sensors or laser sensors what to choose from?

Most gamers do not need laser sensors yet others find them interesting features. Some cheap laser mice show unwanted movements after few hours of play. Optical sensors do not have better functionality than laser sensors but can be used on multiple surfaces while the laser sensors can track fast only on smooth, hard pads

As you’ve gone through a list of gaming mice that make every penny worth, now we will provide you with factors that are important to be considered before buying a mouse for your desktop.

This is a must to research and know what to look for before going shopping as it brings a sense of determination and ensures that you never regret your purchase. There are endless options but put your money on what you need rather than ignoring the important and going after the show as it can be problematic for you while gaming.

All in all, here is the Buying Guide for Best Gaming Mouse Under $30:

  • If you are confused about wired and wireless mice then it’s better to go for Hybrid wireless and wired mice.
  • Check the compatibility of the mouse in case if you don’t want your money to go in vain.
  • If you are battery conscious then remember that a brighter mouse drains more energy than a non-lit mouse.
  • Check and then double-check all the specs and match them with your preference.

Some of the basic features to consider before buying a mouse include:

  • Size:

You can find mice of different shapes, sizes, and weights but the mouse you purchase should accommodate your hand. The mouse comes with a streamlined shape to allow the mouse to contour to your palm if a mouse does not fit your hand the long usage will not only cause fatigue but can potentially lead to medical issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. Mice that reduce the pressure on the hand while using to avoid wrist strain are what is called a perfect mouse for you.

  • Durability:

A durable mouse lasts long, the mouse with the higher build quality is what you should look after in case if you want to get the performance for each penny you spent on it. Nobody wants something that wears out too early. Gaming mice are usually made up of either plastic or metal. Sweating hands can cause the mouse to become slippery this is solved with rough finger grip ridges where your palm rests.

  • DPI Sensor:

The most sensitive mouse comes with higher DPI settings. It refers to the distance covered when the mouse is moved or dot per inch. Mouse with DPI up to 20,000 is available in the market but for most gamers, even the 1600 DPI is enough. For a casual day-day user even a 6000 DPI would be difficult to manage.

You can get a quality mouse with decent sensors at 30 dollars though such mice usually compromise high DPI that’s what you get for the price. To play FPS games you need a mouse with at least 400 or higher DPI settings, while for RPG gamers a mouse with almost a 1000 to 1600 DPI would be better. Most gaming genres can be best played at 1600 DPI. Most mice offer adjustable DPI levels that can be toggled using different buttons they offer.

  • Buttons:

Programmable buttons are one of the interesting features that get ignored on budget gaming mouse even sometimes a premium mouse offers the wrong number and low-quality buttons. The button positioning is also one of the important discussions for better actuation otherwise you’ll end up clicking the wrong buttons all the time.

A good gaming mouse always comes with a sensible amount of programmable buttons and scroll buttons as well. You can choose the scroll wheel according to the game you play.

  • Wired or wireless:

Most people prefer wireless devices but gamers don’t this is because the wireless mouse can cause a little lag that is unacceptable for a gamer especially if you’re using it for an intense PC game. Generally, gamers recommend it to use a wired gaming mouse rather than wireless.

  • Aesthetic:

Aesthetics won’t affect your gaming rather it adds a flare to your desktop or you can say it creates an environment for you to excite to play a game. Ambidextrous mice are designed for left-hander people with button settings. You can have mice with RGB backlighting, neon lighting options, LED fading colors, and much more. The more aesthetically pleasant a mouse is the more in love you will be.

Final Conclusion:

The Best gaming mouse under $30 is the one that is reliable, sensitive, and durable with an adequate switch life span. Search a little bit longer and you will end up finding a fantastic gaming experience with the right mouse for you. All the options here included in this article are featured with the best specs that are truly a force to be reckoned with. Have the best purchase as intended.

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