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Do you want to connect your] tablet to a Bluetooth keyboard and convert it into a netbook?  The Logitech Bluetooth keyboard might be the best option. One can get the benefit of being able to use the touch screen and as well as a lot of functionalities, as that of a laptop just by attaching a keyboard. Connecting the keyboard whether through USB or wireless connection, is easy and simple. The wireless technology works within the range of 30 feet. In most cases, the keyboard usually gets connected to the tablet just by turning it off and the again turning it on but sometime it may become problematic and one need to check if there is any passcode given to both devices.

Connecting Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard to Samsung tablet:

 Samsung tablets comes in wide range and are considered as one of the best tablets and has given us one of the best tablet alternatives to iPhone pro. Samsung tablets are convenient and portable and just with setups i.e connecting mouse and keyboard, they can be easily converted into a laptop.

Logitech Bluetooth keyboards are best tablet additions, for the one who want to convert his/her tablet into a laptop. They are light weight, convenient and usually do not need a plug to be attached to the tablet. They are easy to use and can be connected through Bluetooth.

But sometime a simple task become problematic and confusing and one is unable to connect the keyboard. Always remember to read the booklet attached with the keyboard for better understanding.

Let me give you a tour for better understanding and easily connecting your Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard to Samsung tablet:


  1. Turn on your keyboard:

press the power button on your keyboard to power it on and then put it on pairing mode.

  1. Setting app:

Open the setting application on your Samsung tablet.

  1. Bluetooth option:

In the setting menu, click the “wireless and network” option. Scroll down and you will see “Bluetooth setting” option. Tap the slider to turn on the Bluetooth.

  1. Nearby device:

tap the scan or nearby devices options to check if your device is available in the list. Once visible, tap the keyboard in the list of devices. Your device will try to connect to your keyboard.

In case of PIN:

In case of PIN (if necessary), enter the pin through your keyboard and press enter. Your devices will start getting connected:

  1. Start Using the keyboard:

Once connected you will be able to use your tablet as laptop with most of the features.

Keyboard isn’t working:

Try manual adding

If your keyboard isn’t working it may be because you need to manually enter your keyboard in the list of available devices for typing purpose. Follow the following steps:

  • Open the setting app on your Samsung tablet.
  • Go to ‘language and input” option.
  • Select your keyboard as typing tool, from the list available.

Keyboard not connecting:

Try restarting:

If your keyboard is not connecting to your tablet, try restarting your keyboard by pressing the power button and turning the keyboard off and on. After restarting, put the keyboard on pairing mode. The keyboard will start to get connected to your Samsung tablet.

Try troubleshooting method:

Try the troubleshooting option. This will help you to get into the problem and fix it.

  • Go to troubleshoot setting.
  • Click troubleshoot the connection problem
  • Wait until the loading is finishes
  • Read the instructions and apply the suitable method for problem fixing.
  • Restart your devices and start connecting them.

Try resetting methods:

Connect your keyboard to a USB driver and try resetting the keyboard by pressing the reset button on the driver or on the keyboard.

  • Connect a USB driver
  • Press reset button on the keyboard
  • Press the reset button on the USB driver, if it has one.
  • Restart the keyboard and the tablet also

Update the software:

Your keyboard software might be out of date and net to get updated try updating the software.

  • Download the latest software available from the Logitech website.
  • Update the keyboard

Power down:

Charge your dock as it might have low power left and needs to be charged. Check if the batteries are not weak. Weak batteries might be a reason for connection problems. Try new batteries.

Hold F11 key:

Press and hold F11 key until the devices get connected. F11 key methods is an easy and simple way of connecting your devices.

Interference problem:

Your devices may be facing interfering problem because of interference of other wireless devices. A traffic signal is created when to many wireless networks are interfering together. therefore, one might face the problem while connecting.

Try removing the other wireless networks or move away from such area with high number of wireless networks. Once the interference of other devices is removed, your Samsung tablet will connect easily.


Get support from Logitech costumer services. They are available to give support to their customers online on website. You will find a solution on their website regarding your problem.

Go to Logitech website, if you are facing any problem regarding your keyboard and write your query in the help box given on website. The Logitech customer care center will contact you back and will provide you with a solution regarding your problem.

You can also visit Logitech application which they have lunched which helps their customers to connect their dock with the tablets within a few seconds. Your solutions and updates for the keyboard are easily available on the Logitech application.   Logitech application increases your work productivity and also helps to get connected to localized keyboard layout.

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