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Do you have a desire to play PS4 on the screen of your laptop without remote play? If your answer is yes, you will be very happy to know that it is possible to play PS4 on the screen of your laptop without remote play. The feature of the remote play was introduced by Sony computer entertainment and it is available in windows 10 pc. Windows 10 computer is not enough to play PS4 several other requirements must also be fulfilled such as the best WIFI connection with a minimum of 15 Mbps downloading speed.

Bit if you are not in favor of playing PS4 with remote play you also have another option to play PS4 with the help of a capture card on your laptop screen. By following the procedure of an answer to a question of how to play ps4 on laptop without remote play you can enable your laptop screen to work as PS4 monitor.

Can PS4 be played on a laptop without remote play?

As mentioned above it is possible to play PS4 on your laptop screen without remote play. If you are using Windows laptop or any Mac Book, there are available HDMI encoders with the use of which you can that display as PS4 monitor screen. But if you are using a laptop as PS4 monitor screen, the image quality maybe will be reduced. So, it is not much recommended to use the laptop screen as PS4 monitor without remote play.

But still, many people use their laptops as PS4 monitors but not with remote play but through the way of the video capture card. A video capture card is the best thing to do this task perfectly. For using a capture card to play PS4 on laptop some of the basic requirements should be fulfilled.

The first and the basic thing you need a laptop but with USB – C port. The reason behind this need is that you will use USB – C to USB – A cable. Without it, you cannot connect a video capture card to your laptop for converting it to PS4 monitor.

How to play ps4 on laptop without remote play?

Most of the people search for different ways of connecting PS4 to laptop screen other than remote play. Connecting PS4 to a laptop screen without remote play is a quite simple process. Things required are:

  • HDMI cable
  • USB – C to USB – A convertor cable

The following steps should be followed for the completion of your task and provide you with an answer to question how to play ps4 on laptop without remote play?

Step 01: Download application

The first thing you have to do is to download the game capture application on the laptop screen according to the capture card you have. App downloaded and installed should be the official one. Links for app download are available for both the windows pc and MacBook pc.

Step 02: Connecting capture card to laptop:

After the successful installation of the app, you have to connect the laptop to the video capture card. To perform this task, you need an HDMI cable. Connect Out port of HDMI cable to PS4 and In the port of the cable to the capture card. There on capture card is a C – port which is suitable for carrying video signals perfectly to the laptop screen.

After that plug USB – C cable to the capture card through USB – A port into the laptop. This connection ensures the supply of power to capture card from your laptop which in turns catch the video signals. Make sure that the USB – A cable is plugged in the USB – 3 port of a laptop.

Step 03: Launching the game capture app:

After installation of the app and making all the connection of laptop, PS4, and capture card perfectly, next you have to do is to launch the game capture application. The time it takes is not more than a few seconds to get acceptance of the signals from the capture card. You can also be done this process through the manual way if you are facing any type of problem in receiving signals from the capture card. For doing it manually go to the game capture setting, click on the gear icon, select PS4 as a gaming device.

Step 04: Run PS4 without remote play:

If the above step is done successfully your laptop is then ready to play PS4 without remote play. Without a remote controller, you have to use a keyboard as a controller. Using a keyboard as a controller is not seems pretty and smooth but if you are not using remote pay it is the only option you have to play PS4 on your laptop screen.


Here in the above description, you have the answer of how to play PS4 on laptop without remote play. By following the above procedure, you will be able to play games on your laptop screen or using your laptop screen as PS4 monitor without the use of remote play and will use the keyboard as a controller.

The best side of this is you will going to enjoy the keyboard of your laptop as an input device. Using a keyboard as a game controller is not as good as the remote controller but sometimes if you forgot to take the remote controller with you, you will have this option to enjoy your games.  Apart from the fun, you need a heavy-duty laptop to enjoy PS4 games.

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